Media-Convert is a free Web service that converts audio, video, and text files for you, from and to virtually any kind of format. No software is needed to covert files with Media-Convert. You only need your favorite Web browser. Furthermore, you don’t have to register.  I think this is one of the best media conversion tools for teachers and students.

Converting a file is quite easy with Media-Convert since it allows input files to be locally stored or from a URL. The maximum file size conversion is adequate for 150 MB.  To convert a file located on your computer: Check File mode, click Browse and choose the file, select input format and output format, submit the form. To convert a file located on a Web: Check URL mode, enter the file URL, select input and output format.  Media-Convert converts the file while you wait, and gives a download link on screen when the process is completed.

The conversion formats supported by Media-Convert is very impressive. There’s a good chance Media-Convert supports almost every document on you computer, including most popular video formats (3G2, 3GP, AMV, ASF, AVI, DPG, DV, FLI, FLV, GIF, GVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, NSV, OGM, RM, SWF, VOB,WMV), audio formats (WAV, WMA, 3GP, MP3, OGG, AAC, AMR, FLAC, MPC, MMF, AU, AIFF, QCP), over 60 image formats, compressed archives (7Z, BZ2, BZA, CAB,GZ, LHA, LZH, RAR, TAR, TGZ, YZ1, ZIP), and documents from Microsoft Office,, Lotus 123, raw text, HTML, XHTML and more. In addition, you can insert a PDF into your Web page by converting it into an Adobe SWF Flash movie. You can also capture Web pages as images and convert Microsoft Access databases to Excel spreadsheets.

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I am Dr. Steve Yuen, a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi. This is my personal blog on the use of emerging technologies in teaching and learning. Hope you find this blog interesting, stimulating, and educational. Please feel free to social bookmark this page.
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  1. Shenetta Booth says:

    All I can say is wow with Media Convert. This tool is awesome. It is powerful and very effective. I tried it just to see what it will do and to my surprise it worked like a charm. I am going to use it a lot, because I have a lot of files that need to be converted into files for my phone and my new tablet pc.

    I converted a music file that has an extension as .WMA and it found an encoder to convert the file to .MP3. Now, that’s powerful. I also transformed a word document just to an Open Office file and put it in my tablet. There is even an option to convert songs to different ring tones for different phones. This is going to be one of my favorite online sites.

    The site offers a 100% free online conversion with no installation, no viruses or spyware. All I needed was my favorite browser. It is also in real time. So everything is done in your face, or right at your fingertips. It is usable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The site also generates a link that contains the file that was just converted, which makes it usable later on. All you have to do is save as a favorite. There are other options, such as, File Hosting and Website Screenshots; all you have to do is put in the hyperlink for that website.

    The only disadvantage is the ads on the page. This can be real distracting, because it makes the page looks very busy. Hey, for free converter software, they can put all the ads they want to.

  2. Houbinfang says:

    I have the experience of using convert software long time ago. I wanted to incorporate a music clip into movie making software. But the version which I have is not accepted by the movie making software. I had to try to find a convert software program and download it and then install it and then use it. That was painful experience. Especially, when you get everything done and found that software does not work well, you have to start over again. It is not only time consuming, but also makes upset and lost confidence on the technology.
    I never think that we will have this converting online program and it can help you deal with a big file up to 150 MB. This is amazing!!
    Even more I found that the Media-Convert website that introduced by Dr. Yuen can convert 3GP files to MP3. I find these kind things very useful especially for someone who is always on the move or needs to convert something at work and is not allowed to install anything on the workstation.
    This website does not only convert audio files. It converts documents and text files, archives, movies, images, and more other format. The procedure is really simple. As Dr. Yuen said we just first need to select a file from the hard disk, or from a URL, then select an upload option, wait until the file is uploaded, at last we need to select the output result we wish to obtain, wait for the processing and download the converted file.

  3. wanda moye says:

    While planning a powerpoint presentation for one of my graduate science courses, it became helpful to use video. I found the perfect video on YouTube; it needed to be converted before it could be viewed by powerpoint. I tried every combination that Microsoft powerpoint allows for accepting video and it did not work. Finally, I went to the internet and did a google search on converting YouTube video for powerpoint viewing. That was the answer. I had many hits. I even had a YouTube video that explained the process. It was this video that was most helpful. The author suggested using Media-Convert.

    After following the steps, my presentation was a success. I did not change any of the defaults for altering the image and everything went fine. I went back and tried several other products. Some where on line, and others had to be downloaded. Some of the products I evaluated where free and others where not. After evaluating each product that interested me, I found that Media-Converted was the best.

    Not having to download anything from the internet is a big plus. The fact that the software is free is another plus. Last but not least, you can use Media-Converter for audio and/or video in any of the popular formats. What’s not to like.

    Although I tried and can use other products, I find this product to be the quickest and easiest to use for an educator who may have a busy schedule or not technologically inclined.

  4. Christopher Tisdale says:

    Media Converter is a very powerful converter and out of the ones I have used, it is by far the best. It will convert files up to 150 MB. This website is very user friendly and easy to use and everything is done right from your web browser, which is great. You can convert many files, and I like this converter because it does not require me to install software or use e-mail; I can simply click on a link when the file is through converting. The website is also free of viruses and spyware, which is very important to the user. The website converts documents and text files, archives, movies, image, sound, music, and monophonic and polyphonic ring tones. Users need to read the Terms of Service before using this website because the creators have the right to change or discontinue service at any time. They also have placed a link to report illegal files, which is a great benefit to the users of the websites; it helps to keep the website free and appropriate for use in an educational setting.

    From exploring the website, I learned that I can convert music for my cell phone, and I have converted several songs. Within a short period of time, I have converted several files for no reason. I am amazed by this converter. It converted a wav file that was 38.2MB to an mp3 file within 5 minutes. I am also amazed with the website because it is absolutely free.

    This website is very easy for educators and students to use. This will be a benefit to students and teachers, especially the students and teachers I had download Open Office to their jump drives due to not being able to afford Microsoft Office. MediaConverter will allow students and teachers to convert their files to any format, anywhere at any time.

  5. Tim Bryant says:

    Definitely a lot of uses for this, there are too many files out there that are incompatible with certain programs, or you can never find the codec etc.

    I have been looking for a program to download that could convert like this, I’ve always got videos I want to watch on my TiVo that will/won’t play on my DirecTV DVR, or my sons XBOX 360. I just never thought about the fact that there might be a website that can do it all.

  6. andreaalana says:

    Media Convert provides a great service to people like me who frequently experiences problems with with not being to open or upload media files. I have missed out on some great downloads and were not able to share media files with loved ones because of their various incompatible formats. Before enrolling in Dr. Yuen’s IT 780 course, I never understood why I experienced these difficulties. I did learn that incompatibility issues were the cause, but I didn’t know how to troubleshoot them.His course has shed some light on file conversion. This site also makes solving these issues much easier.

  7. Stevra says:

    You’re jumping to conclusions if you think it’s spyware-free just b/c you didn’t have to install an application. You’re still DOWNLOADING the converted file, remember. I used to use media-convert for 3gp for my phone, but then I used it once to convert to an avi and it triggers DEP every single time.

  8. 秀敏 says:


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  10. 莊明廣 says:

    在老師介紹一些好用的 web 2.0 工具之後,我持續的測試使用,我發現目前除了google、zoho整合比較多的工具之外,大部份的免費資源,還是需要老師發揮一些巧思加以整合運用。
    例如:應用youtube置放教學影片連結、slideshare置放教學簡報資料、google doc放教學文件檔案、利用部落格來連結呈現您的教學綱要、教學材料、利用ning來進行學習社群的討論、互動學習,以發揮wiki的效用等,都是蠻不錯的web 2.0教學策略。

  11. 林學志 says:

    我是高師大工教博士班學生 林學志



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